Choosing the Right Material for Your New Roof

One of the most common types of job we get is a roof repair job but when you’re in need of a roof replacement for your house because its passed its sell by date after taking a lot of abuse from the weather over the years and has finally relented, it’s good to consider all the available options for choosing what steps to take.

For instance, you don’t have to use the same material your existing roof does. You may want to consider using a different material that will both complement the design of your property, as well as stand the test of time. Different roofing materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

roofing materials

You can always carry out your initial research online and have a look into all the available types of roofing. You can also call up your local roofing contractor and have a discussion with them. They’ll be able to talk to you about your available options and advise you on the best way forward.

Here is a brief list of the the  types of roofs you can choose from:

Types of Roofing

Although asphalt shingle is the most common and generally least expensive roofing material, residential roofs can also be made of tile, wood, slate and metal.

Asphalt shingles

These shingles are the most popular with roofers and homeowners, as they are durable and relatively inexpensive. Other benefits include the wide variety of colors and styles, ease of installation and suitability for a wide range of temperatures. Asphalt shingles also provide reliable waterproofing.

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As mentioned earlier, different materials have their pros and cons. You may want to opt for the material that offers the most bang for your buck, or one that complements your house the best, or may be you can’t stand the idea of having to go through the whole process of replacing your roof again anytime soon, so you’d rather choose a material that is known for it’s durability and will last the longest while requiring the very minimum of maintenance.Here are some tips on choosing materials for your roof:

Choosing Roofing Materials

For most of us the roof is an afterthought—at least until it starts to leak. Then we realize how critical that surface of our house’s exterior really is. Yet, as well as keeping the house dry, the roof contributes greatly to the look of the house, so when building a new house, adding on, or re-roofing, it may pay to consider the options.

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Choose your roofing material wisely. Also ask your roofing contractor about how to maintain the roofing material you have chosen and remember to save their contact number in case you need some help in the future. Some roofing companies will also offer a maintenance plan with your new installation.